Kennel Assistant
I’ve always loved animals, but I didn’t have the chance to own a dog or a cat. So I decided to volunteer in the Veterinary field in Grade 10 to learn more about small animals and to gain work experience. Luckily, my high school work experience coordinator assigned me to volunteer at a Veterinary Clinic in Chilliwack. After I obtained my 100 hours of work experience, I decided to stay in the Veterinary field and work as a Kennel Assistant to help the Technicians as well as the Doctors and to continue my experience with small animals. After High School graduation, I went to Simon Fraser University for Biological Sciences in hopes of becoming a Veterinarian, but from my experience with working alongside Veterinarians and Technicians, I’ve decided to transfer to Douglas College and start my Veterinary Technician program in September 2019. Many areas of Veterinary Medicine interests me, but as a Kennel Assistant, I have been able to perform a lot of procedures on my own, such as taking x-rays for a limping dog, clean a cat’s teeth after extractions or intubating a dog before neuter. Since I’ve been shadowing the technicians, I enjoy working alongside them in prepping for surgeries or being able to watch the Veterinarian perform a soft palate surgery on a French Bulldog. I love the people I work within the clinic because everyone is willing to patiently teach me how to do a lot of things, such as how to find a vein in a dog or a cat before pulling blood or putting a catheter in for surgery. My managers were not kidding when they said this clinic is a clinic of learning during my interview! I went to Peru in high school for a research practicum and learned many things about wildlife and observed different animals that I thought I would never have been able to see, such as fishing for piranhas on the Amazon River; catching caimans and measuring their sizes; recording the amount of pink dolphins per hour; and identifying various birds, sloths, frogs and bats. I can speak both English and Mandarin fluently if that also counts as a fun fact.