I actually got into the veterinary field by chance as I was looking for a new career after being displaced at my old job. I attended Douglas College for business and I have always loved animals so I thought I would volunteer at SBVH to see if it was something I would like to pursue. As it turns out Tracy, our current human resources manager was going on maternity leave and a receptionist position was available. I was asked if I would be interested in doing an interview - of course, I said yes. I got the job and the rest is history. I have been at SBVH for 25 years as of November 2019!

I think the veterinary area that most interests me is behaviour. We have come such a long way with veterinary medicine to better understand that pets have anxiety just like people. Pets can benefit from a variety of tools, medications or just someone who understands their unique needs to make their vet visit a positive one.

I love the flexibility that my job allows me to have at work as well as dealing with all the new pets that get adopted both young and old. Every day is a different day at work so it is never boring. Some of my hobbies include hiking, cycling, interior design, as well as gardening.