Steph started working at South Burnaby Veterinary Hospital in April 2017. She has always loved animals, but only just discovered her interest in the veterinary industry a few years ago. Steph has been volunteering with animals since 2014 as a foster for dogs with behavioural challenges and has also been volunteering for the SPCA in animal care and education since 2016. Steph has an interest in Behaviour Medicine and Behaviour Modification. She intends to gain acceptance to a Veterinary Technician program, obtain a specialization in behaviour, and work on her dog training certification. The best part about her job is that she always learns something new every day, and there is never a dull moment. She also enjoys the interactions with clients, and of course, the animals the come to the clinic. Steph grew up in Alberta and moved to Vancouver in 2011. She shares her home with her soon to be husband Josh and their dog Shyloh.