Sunny, RVT

Registered Veterinary Technician
Growing up, I never had a furry family member of my own, as I am allergic to them. I found a particular interest in animals growing up watching the late Steve Irwin, David Suzuki, and the Kratt brothers in Zoboomafoo I somehow managed to land in the veterinary field while doing work experience in high school and would always end up going back to volunteer at the animal hospital. The very first patient I had the pleasure of working with was a lovely little Sheltie, At that point, I had never touched or held an animal, and I remember being nervous and anxious. But, this Sheltie, who had never met me, licked my hand and looked up at me with a look that said: "Don't worry, you're doing fine." Fast forward 2 years of volunteering and I found myself with a Collie of my own, stuck in the veterinary field with a house full of different animals. I have a particular fondness of our geriatric (senior) patients who have mellowed with age. I am still relatively new to this field, and I am continually trying to improve, I love Radiology and Emergency medicine. A fun fact about myself is that I can solve a Rubix cube in under a minute, and I have a household of 12 animals!