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Erica, RVT

Registered Veterinary Technician
Erica has always loved and had a passion for all sorts of animals growing up, but never considered entering the veterinary field until the suicide of her beloved brother Derek. At the time, she was pet sitting a dog named Bella, and that experience cemented her determination to dedicate her life to the care and welfare of small companion animals. She joined South Burnaby Veterinary Hospital, following her practicum as a student finishing the Veterinary Technology program at Douglas College in 2017. Her areas of interest alter and come in waves, but at the moment involves anesthesia, dentistry and preventative medicine. Erica absolutely loves the team she gets to work with every day, the level of care her hospital provides, and the rewarding feeling of nursing a sick animal back to health and reuniting them with their owners. Erica loves singing original songs to her dog Madeleine, going on trekking adventure across the world, and having impromptu dance sessions to some of her favourite beats & bass music.