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Cat Euthanasia

The unconditional love of our pets is the greatest gift they give us, making it hard to say goodbye to our friend when the time comes. Our veterinarians and staff are here to support and guide you during this difficult time.

When should I consider pet euthanasia?

Making the final decision around end of life care can be overwhelming. The thought of being without our feline friend makes this a very stressful and emotional time. As pet owners ourselves, we can help guide you with this difficult decision. If you are unsure if the time is nearing, please reach out to us. If calling us is difficult, or you are not ready to talk, we would suggest reading The Ohio State University Veterinary Medical Center’s Honoring the Bond Program as a good place to help answer some of your questions.

What happens with my cat afterwards?

Our office works with the caring staff at Until We Meet Again to care for your cat as you request. We would encourage you to visit their website for more information, as well as their grief support links, so you can prepare in the privacy of your own home. At the time of your appointment, our staff can make all of the requested arrangements for you. Together, we will make sure that your cat is cared for with dignity and respect.

Can I stay with my cat during euthanasia?

Yes, our team will make this as comfortable for you as possible and leave this personal and individual decision up to you. We will do our best to accommodate all of your family’s needs.

Do you offer a pet bereavement support service?

Our team is available to help with some of the aspects of saying goodbye. There are also many online resources. We suggest visiting Until We Meet Again or Lifting Stars for more in-depth support options.